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We produce in Turkey according to European legislation, the most stringent in the world.  To give you an idea: the European Union has banned 1328 cosmetic substances while the American FDA has only banned 30.  We avoid controversial ingredients, prefer natural ones from renewable sources.  You will always find the INCI of each product to help you choose with peace of mind and awareness.  Every formula is unique to Celesty and is created by years of study in collaboration with dermatologists from the United States and Turkey.

Our skincare lines are a balance between nature and science.  We think that 100% natural is not necessarily the best solution for every skin type because some plant extracts are very allergenic.  Furthermore, natural resources are limited and science offers a safe alternative to avoid the uncontrolled exploitation of raw materials.  For this reason, we use natural ingredients on our products and make them safe, sustainable, and sensory with the help of science.

All products are tested under the supervision of a dermatologist to ensure safety and tolerability on all skin types.  We check that the pH of the formulas is biocompatible.  Celesty product development was meticulously made over years of innovative research by dermatologists, chemical engineers, and herbalists studying the sourcing of organic ingredients to create only the highest quality skincare.

Our belief in natural plant's power is the cornerstone of Celesty.  We use cold-press extraction to obtain the precious plant extracts, a process that ensures each plant oil is obtained without losing any of its original potency.  Our formulas are developed in the United States.  Our products are produced in the Black Sea region, in northwestern Turkey, the area is widely known for its natural resources and botanical richness.

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