• We charge a flat $7 shipping fee on all shipped packages. If you spend more than $150 in one transaction with us, then we will pay for your shipping! 
  • Once you pay the shipping charge, any purchases in the next 24 hours will be free!  AND any shipping in that 24 hours will extend your shipping again for another 24 hours of free shipping!
  • We try to ship all packages within 2-3 business days after payment.  Please remember that weekends and federal holidays are not business days as our shipping staff does not work on the weekends and mail isn't picked up on holidays.  


Thank you so much for shopping with us here at Timber Brooke Boutique! We are so sorry that some of items didn't work out for whatever the reason may be. Below is our full return policy as well as any FAQ for guidance with your question:

Clothing Returns:

You are more than welcome to return an item for store credit at the boutique. Items must be postmarked within 7 days of delivery to you in order for us to return the item. EX: If an item is received on the 10th, the item must be postmarked by the 17th for us to accept the return when receiving. Please check your delivery date prior to sending back, as we will not accept anything outside of that 7 day window.

We are not responsible for any items IF they are not checked within the 7 day window. We highly recommend opening and trying on all items when received to make sure that they fit to your liking. If an item isn’t tried on until 10 days after the window, there will be nothing we can do for that item.

All returns must be unworn, free of any stains and odors (perfumes, animals, smoke etc.), and be in prime condition. We have the right to refuse any return due to it not abiding by the conditions previously stated. If an item is denied for return due to it not coming back to us in sellable condition (worn, stains, odors) you will be required to pay for shipping to return the items to you. A

You must include something inside your package stating your name and order number of the item in order for us to process the return. All returns are done at the cost of the customer as we do not issue return labels or refund shipping charges. We ask inside of your package you please let us know where the item came from. As you can imagine, with hundreds of customers and orders, it is extremely crucial for us to have this information to speed up your returns.

All orders returned are processed one day a week at the boutique, typically on Thursday or Friday. Items received before that time frame will be processed within our system. If the item is received after that day for the week, they will be processed on the next following return cycle. Please give us the full day to get these processed as it is a timely process. You will receive a notification when the item has been returned.

No FINAL SALE items (App, Website, or Live Sale), accessories, jewelry, purses, electronics or footwear (not including main shoes) may be return or exchanged unless an item is damaged. No sale items (App, Website, or Live Sale), accessories, jewelry, or purses may be return or exchanged unless an item is damaged. 

ALL items purchased with a code are considered final sale.

ALL items purchased from market are considered final sale.

ALL preorder items are considered final sale.

Please check all items prior to returning to ensure you are within the return guidelines.

If there are any questions, you can always email us at to help ensure the item is eligible!

Shoe Returns: 

Shoes must be returned in original shoe box. They must be unworn, packaged, and in prime condition. Any shoes returned without the box, or not in original packaging will not be accepted for return. Items that have any kind of wear, especially on the bottom of the shoe, will not be accepted. All boxes MUST be placed inside of a package to return. We will not accept a shoe return if the label is placed anywhere on the shoe box. 

Address for Returns:

If you are shipping a return, please mail to 3350 Olsen Blvd Suite 1500 Amarillo, Texas 79110. If you are local, please drop the return in the mail slot on the door of Suite 1500 at the address listed above. If the mailbox is full, please try again on another day. Do not leave the item outside of the mailbox, as we are not responsible for any unattended items left on the property. 


Account Credits:

Any payment issued refund will only be placed as a store credit. Whether this be a return, a cancelled order, or a mixup in inventory. We do ONLY place money back as a store credit to the boutique. This credit can be used on any item, and will never expire. In order to use this credit, you will have to choose for it to be applied. When checking out, there will be a box to check that says “use account balance.” If the account credit isn’t chosen at time of checkout, we cannot go back and add in the credit. You will have to wait to use it on a further purchase.


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