Hi ladies my name is Shelby Tavern! My husband Matt and I own Timber Brooke Boutique and we are so incredibly honored to have you as a part of our Boutique family! We absolutely love being able to provide you with amazing women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and more!  We started Timber Brooke in July 2019 after running another successful online boutique for three years prior. With almost six years of retail boutique experience we love that we can now provide our customers with hand picked pieces at affordable prices!  You can usually find me weekdays for fun afternoon live sales and when I’m not live I’m managing all vendor orders and team management. When I don’t have my Timber Brooke hat on I’m at home spending time with our four amazing boys- Tripp (10), Tuck (7), Temple (5), and our newest little one Tipton (3 months). As you can imagine a house full of boys always keeps me on my toes and knee deep in laundry. I wouldn’t trade my days for anything else and I’m incredibly blessed to have an amazing family at home and at work! I hope you love your time here with us at Timber Brooke and I get to see you on our next live sale.


Jessica Graphic
Hello! My name is Jessica Andersen and I am so excited to get to know each of you! I have been working for the Taverns for almost 3 years now, and life in their business has become very close to home. Starting out as their nanny for their youngest son, becoming friends, and soon after becoming a part of their business, I have definitely developed a new found love for the clothing industry! Becoming best friends with Shelby, I remember the day we first talked about opening Timber Brooke! It has all come full circle and we couldn’t be more excited for where it will go!
I am the Manager at Timber Brooke, as well as part of the sales team! You will see me every morning Monday-Friday, bright and early at 9 AM CST! When I’m not selling all the things to you or running crazy around the warehouse, I am enjoying my life outside of work! I am preparing to marry my middle school sweetheart, Tristan, in April and am transitioning to life together with him! I am also a workout junkie, so you can always find me at work, with my fiancé or at the gym! I am so incredibly excited to continue getting to know you, serve you and become family! Welcome to Timber Brooke Boutique!